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Leading the way in innovation, Merinov is Canada’s largest integrated center for applied research in fishing, aquaculture, and the processing and development of aquatic products. Merinov draws on the talent and creativity of its employees to help companies become more competitive through technological innovation and sustainable, high-performance strategies. Our multidisciplinary team has a passion for R&D and technology transfer in fishing and aquaculture, and is dedicated to optimizing processing methods, developing food products, and developing industrial applications for marine biotechnology.

Merinov is a not-for-profit organisation composed of more than 100 employees posted at four centres located on the Gaspé Peninsula, the Magdalen Islands and the North Shore.


Contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of Québec's fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic biomass valorisation industry through research and development, technology transfer, technical assistance and monitoring.


A Québec leader in innovation in the fisheries, aquaculture and valorisations sector, Merinov is recognised for its expertise and dynamism as well as for the quality of the actions it takes for the industry's benefit.



Given the particular nature of the mandates entrusted to the organisation and the need to reconcile sometimes diverging interests, Merinov staff place a particular emphasis on rigour, not only in their general duties but also in their scientific and technical endeavours, Keeping in mind its partners and clientele, the organisation's staff deal objectively and diligently with every situation they encounter to ensure the pertinence and neutrality of its interventions.

Merinov staff do their utmost to improve their effectiveness, skills and professionalism while remaining abreast at all times of relevant knowledge and development prospects in its sector of activity as they evolve.


Merinov believes that consideration for people is a fundamental element of its relations with staff, partners and clientele. Consequently, its employees take care to act courteously and with discretion as they carry out their duties.

Accomplishing the organisation's mandates not only calls for the contribution and cooperation of all staff members but also respect for each individual's integrity. Mutual respect fosters trust and solidarity within the team and is fundamental to maintaining the quality of the work atmosphere.

The staff are also loyal in implementing the decisions made by the organisation.


To ensure transparency and informed decision-making, the information Merinov staff communicate to one another and to the organisation's partners and clientele is high quality, comprehensive, precise, contextual, easily accessible and understandable. This transparency means that Merinov takes responsibility for the content it produces. The organisation also provides feedback to the relevant individuals regarding the decisions it makes.


Merinov and its staff seek to establish and maintain quality relations with its industrial and institutional partners, and are diligent in matching its policies and research projects to industry priorities. Merinov recognises the importance of taking industry needs into consideration when defining the range of services it offers.

Team spirit

Merinov is an innovation centre where everyone does their utmost to foster the organisation's advancement, and where collective success is preferred to individual success. Team spirit means contributing to the success of the organisation. Mutual assistance, cooperation and solidarity within the team receive recognition. Information is shared on an on-going basis and Merinov has established mechanisms to settle conflicts effectively.

Everyone participates in discussions and in achieving shared objectives, adheres to consensus, and encourages and values the actions of their fellow staff members.

Mandate of the College Centre for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT)

The Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles tasked Merinov with the administrative and operational management of its CCTT certification as well as its research, technology transfer, technical assistance, intelligence and outreach activities.


  • Enterprises, promoters and associations
  • Ministries and organisations
  • Biofood sector on the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands
  • Educational and research institutions

Services and activities

Merinov offers an outfit of services and activities (French).

logo pdfRead our strategic orientations document,Orientations stratégiques 2010-2013 (French)


Services and activities

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