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Research and development

Merinov conducts research and development work on a variety of subjects connected to the fisheries in Québec. The R&D work done complies with stringent scientific protocols that maximise the likelihood of obtaining pertinent information pertaining to the targeted objectives.
  • Development and coordination of research programs
    Merinov plans and coordinates research programs.
  • Assessment of impacts on marine habitat
    Merinov conducts work at sea to assess the impacts of fishing gear and techniques on the marine habitat.
  • Evaluation of energy costs
    Merinov conducts work at sea to evaluate the energy costs associated with the use of fishing gear, fishing methods and vessels.
    Projet : cerf-volant de traction Projet : cerf-volant de traction
  • Improvement/design and evaluation of fishing methods, fishing gear and equipment
    Merinov modifies fishing methods, gear and equipment to improve them. For instance, the objective can be to improve the selectivity of a fishing trap, trawl, etc.
  • Health and safety aboard fishing vessels
    Merinov, Université Laval and the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail catalogue the risks associated with fishing activities and tests new devices designed to improve the safety of people working aboard fishing vessels (French).
  • Habitat development
    Merinov works with other organisations and individuals on marine habitat development projects and conducts multi-year follow-ups to validate whether the new habitats generate interesting ecosystems for marine organisms that are harvested commercially. 
  • Seeding
    Merinov conducts follow-ups on organisms seeded in the wild to see whether seeded individuals are surviving and ultimately reaching commercial size that can be harvested by commercial fishers.
  • Post-harvest quality
    Merinov evaluates and proposes modifications for on-board fishing and handling techniques to improve the quality of landed organisms.
  • Bait
    Merinov develops and tests – in controlled settings or in the wild – the effectiveness of baiting techniques and alternative baits for the species harvested commercially in Québec.

    Typical project conducted by Merinov

    logo pdfFisheries information sheet-Bait project (French)


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