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Atlantic oyster (Crassostrea virginica)

HuîtresOysters are harvested in Eastern Canada using tongs and rakes or, if the water is too deep (≥2 metres), by dredge. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, oyster farming ranks second after blue mussel production. Oysters are farmed in two ways: either directly on the seabed or suspended in the water column. Oysters are generally marketed once they've reached more than 76 mm in size although they are also sold in a cocktail format of about 65 mm. Oysters are not naturally present in Québec except on the Magdalen Islands where they are a native species.

Merinov supports private promoters who have recently begun to take an interest in developing oyster farming in Québec.

Typical project conducted by Merinov

pdf Aquaculture information sheet – Oyster project (French)


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