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Algae (Ex. Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus ssp, Palmaria palmata et Saccharina longicruris)
A host of processed products contain macroalgae; they include paint, paper, electrodes, toothpaste, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, fertilisers, clothing, prepared foods, etc. Algae are considered heath foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. They can be harvested or farmed. It is estimated that 8% of the world alga production is harvested while 92% is cultured. In Québec, all the algae used to date are wild sourced, harvested at low tide on the foreshore or in the case of floating algae, gathered after they've drifted onto beaches.

Merinov conducts a range of experimental projects on alga culture and the valorisation of farmed alga extracts. These projects involve industrialists and mussel farmers.

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 • Bulletin ALGO-Sphère no 2
• Bulletin ALGO-Sphère no 1
• Développement d'une nouvelle méthode pour optimiser la densité d'ensemencement d'une algue brune (Alaria esculenta) destinée à des activités d'aquaculture en Basse-Côte-Nord
• Protocole pour la culture de la laminaire à long stipe (Saccharina longicruris) et de la laminaire sucrée (Saccharina latissima) dans le contexte du Québec
Algae (Grande-Rivière, Gaspésie)


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