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Mariculture engineering

Merinov has expertise in mariculture engineering to support Québec mariculturers as they develop their business. This assistance allows mariculturers to:

1) Increase the profitability of their company by reducing capital costs, increasing the efficiency of their operations, and obtaining a better return on their investment;

2) Improve technologies and activities such as: rearing structures, vessels and equipment, harbour infrastructure, production and processing machinery and all farming-related operations.

A few examples:

- Design of a harvester mounted upstream to the star hauler
- Modification of an inverted socking harvester
- Design of a scallop sorting table
- Design of a scallop grow-out cage scrubber
- Design of a declumper for surface nets
- Development of a primary processing barge
- Design of a rope hauling system
- Modification of a gallows (technical assistance)
- Design of a lantern tray cleaner
- Design of a commercial softshell clam harvester
- Design of a system for secondary scallop spat sorting
- Design of a tank for traditional socking
- Design of a hauler for new types of mussel collectors
- Development of a mussel harvesting vessel
- Design of a stand for a duck scarer


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