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Technology transfer

Adaptation of rearing techniques and structures used elsewhere in the world to suit conditions in Québec

Merinov explores certain aquaculture techniques or rearing structures used elsewhere in the world and adapts them to suit conditions in Québec. Merinov provides support to help enterprises transfer and adopt new technologies and equipment for their own use.

Organisation of technology transfer workshops

Merinov organises workshops for Québec's aquaculturers to transmit the latest knowledge about a range of subjects, including such techniques as settlement, pre grow-out, rearing, cleaning, brining, etc.

Organisation of technology transfer missions

Merinov plans and coordinates foreign missions for such participants as aquaculturers and association representatives. The purpose of these foreign missions is to learn more about the techniques, processes, etc. used elsewhere and then, if appropriate, adapt and put them into practice in Québec.


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