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Investment of $65,000 in aquaculture
Antifouling measures: Development of non-biocidal techniques for shellfish aquaculture (mariculture)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada is providing $65,000 to Merinov to study new, non-toxic methods for effectively reducing biofouling organism colonization at shellfish aquaculture sites, particularly invasive tunicates. News release

Guide to commercial harvesting of Quebec seaweed
Guide to commercial harvesting of Quebec seaweed
In 2012, 23.8 million tons of seaweed were harvested globally with a total value of 6.4 million dollars (FAO, 2014). […]  Quebec has a high commercial potential for marine seaweed harvesting due to the water quality of its coastal environment, the variety of its climates and the vastness of its territory... More information  
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reinventing the sea
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(Video) Quebec: Saccharina latissima culture
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